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     Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Group Co., Ltd is located in a rising, industrial and tourist city named Jiyuan. The company was firstly founded in 1957, and got incorporated into a group corporation in 1997, with Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Co., Ltd and Henan Yuguang Zinc Industry Co., Ltd as core sub-companies. Henan Yuguang Gold and Lead Co., Ltd, which issued its stock shares at Shanghai Stock Exchange with stock code 600531 in July 2002, is the largest lead smeltery throughout China. The Corporation runs in field of non-ferrous metals, noble metals, chemicals, coal products, power, mines, services, real estate, etc. During the past 50 years, the Corporation has developed into a large integrative enterprise, with non-ferrous meatls smelt as its main operation. At present the Corporation, of which the total assets have reached five billion yuan, runs with 6000 employees, holds 11 sub-firms, including 1 listed company, 1 joint venture and 22 factories. The Corporation, which is now listed as second in field of national lead and zinc industry, and first of lead industry, comes to 17th of Henan Hundred Key Firms.
    The Corporation covers annual throughput of 300 thousand tons electrolyzed lead, 200 thousand tons electrolyzed zinc, 400 thousand tons sulphuric acid, 3000 kilograms gold, 570 tons silver, 1 million miner’s lamps, 200 thousand KVAH of batteries, 150 thousand safety helmets, 225 charger boards, 10 thousand batteries for electrobikes, 6000 tons zinc sulphate, 30 thousand tons secondary zinc oxide, 1000 tons antimony trioxide, 300 tons refined cadmium, 1500 kilograms refined indium, 3000 tons coarse copper, 320 million KWH of power, etc. Mains products as Yuguang brand lead and silver which are honored as Henan provincial advanced and new technological manufactures, have respectively registered at LME and LBMA and are exported to more than 10 countries and regions. Yuguang brand series have been respectively granted as National Customers Satisfied Products, Henan Provincial High-Quality Products, Henan Provincial Mainly Protective Products, National Stable and Eligible Quality Products, and National well-known Brand, etc. Otherwise, Yuguang brand lead was honored  National Free-inspection Quality Product of 2006 and Henan Provincial Famous-brand Products, lead-acid batteries as Henan Provincial High-quality Products. Thus, Yuguang Brand has become an internationally famous one.
    The Corporation, which was listed as one of national and Henan provincial first recycling economy trial enterprises, runs with three domesticly and internationally advanced core technologies as non-steady SO2 recovery technology, hydrometallurgy technology for gold and silver smelting, and oxygen bottom-blowing blast furnace technology, and has passed authentications of ISO9001(2000) Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS18001 Career Healthy and Safe Management System.
    During the past years, the Corporation was successively awarded over 200 glories such as one of National Ten Top Innovating Enterprises, Advanced Unit of National Non-ferrous Industry, one of National 500 Top Information-based Enterprises, one of Leading Enterprises of National Lead and Zinc Industry, China 500 Top Manufacturers, National Advance Unit on Enterprise Culture Construction, Henan Provincial first-class foreign-invested enterprise, Henan Provincial Advanced Enterprise on Exportation of Processing Trade Field, and Henan Provincial Advanced Enterprise on Intellectual Property System, etc.
      In 2007, the Corporation achieved 10.29 billion yuan of gross output value of industry, 10.26 billion yuan of sales income, 420 million yuan of profit, 860 million yuan of profit and tax, and 420 million US dollars of foreign exchange by exportation.
    For 2008, the Corporation anticipates 15 billion yuan of gross output value of industry, and 15 billion yuan of sales income. During the first quarter, it has completed 298 million yuan of gross output value of industry, 298 million yuan of sales income, 71.68 million yuan of profit, 180 million yuan of profit and tax, and 110 million US dollars of foreign exchange by exportation, and has produced 76 thousand tons lead ingots, 32 thousand tons zinc ingots, 537 kilograms gold, 141 tons silver, 104 thousand tons sulphuric acid, etc.
    In addition, project of 300 thousand tons electrolyzed zinc for Henan Yuguang Zinc Industry Co, Ltd was founded on basis of mutual advantages between lead and zinc smelting, in order to perfect the competitivity of the Corporation. 
    The second phase of this project was layed the foundation on December 30, 2006, covers total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, is supposed for annual output of 100 thousand tons zinc ingots and 200 thousand tons sulphuric acid and to start from August 2008. This project adopts hydrometallurgy technology for zinc smelting, which is considered as advanced and leading internationally. It affects little on the environments, with SO2 recovery, and 95% of smelting recovery rate, can recover more than ten kinds of valuable metals. Once the project is completed, it will provide 644 posts, and the company will reach annually 200 thousand tons of electrolyzed zinc, 340 thousand tons of sulphuric acid, 2.5 billion yuan more of sales income,170 million yuan of profit. On all accounts, the company will become one of the first three top enterprises in national zinc field.
    Yuguang will insists its belief of “Pursuing to be outstanding and first class, be united and practical, return to the country and the people” and spirit of “United, Enterprising, Innovative and Practical”, to press forward recycling economy, and to contribute for national development!